Ethan Schiff


Ethan is the Engagement & Marketing Lead for Blue Zones Project Petaluma, spearheading in-person and digital community activation across events, volunteer programs and other initiatives. Years ago, his personal 130-pound weight loss journey sparked his passion for health and well-being, ultimately leading him to dissolve a successful business he had owned for a decade in pursuit of helping others live their best lives. 

From there, he became a certified Integrative Health Coach and founded Optimized Health, a coaching practice focused on transformational, integrative health coaching, across pillars like nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, and mindset. 

He has facilitated many wellness retreats, spoken at conferences/workshop events, and also hosts The True Health Podcast, with weekly episodes to share practical wellness tips for everyday people. Podcast guests have included best-selling authors, famous musicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and every day people sharing what transformation and health mean to them.

He is an advocate for passionate living, thinking outside the box, and inspiring others to unlock their potential.

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